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Rachel Bassett, Pet Loss Grief Specialist

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Years of experience in hospice and bringing home a puppy to join the family landed me at the starting point of my journey to becoming a pet loss grief specialist.


Shortly after joining the pet owner community, I began to see that our pets are undoubtedly members of our family. Seeing owners love for their pets, I wondered: "Who's looking out for them?" like our staff looks out for our patients' loved ones.

When a pet is lost, due to death, theft, surrendering or any other reason, we mourn the loss as we would any other family member. Our grief is deep and we may not feel like it is appropriate to feel as we do about our pet loss. I am here to help you navigate through those emotions.

There are many ways that I am able to help people cope with their loss. I offer one-on-one sessions, family/couples sessions, and group work. Scroll down to "Services" to learn more about the services I provide.

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Home Visits

If you are located in the Charleston, South Carolina area, home visits are available for you, your family and/or your children.

Virtual Sessions

Anyone around the world can connect via Zoom for virtual sessions.

Group Work

Support groups will show you that you are not alone.



I was recommended by my vet when I lost my bestfriend. Rachel got me through the hardest weeks...I needed that support.

Bianca, South Carolina


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