One-on-One Sessions

During these personalized sessions, we will navigate the waters through complicated emotions, reactions, and memories. These sessions are usually 30 minutes long, however, more time can be requested.

Support Groups

I will come into your home, church, office, or any other venue. In a group setting, we can talk openly about our losses, experiences, and coping strategies.

Family/Couples Sessions

Having someone by your side for support can make the process feel less lonely. A spouse, a sibling, or even a close friend, is welcomed to join.

Veterinarian Burnout Support Group

Veterinarians experience a unique type of compassion fatigue that can lead to burnout. I want your office to take a minute to decompress as I guide a session with you and your coworkers.

Child Sessions

When a child is grieving, they may exhibit unfamiliar behavior. During the session with the child/children, we will discuss feelings, answer questions, and work on resolution.

Euthanasia Doula Service

I will be there with you and your family before, during, and after your pet's last moments.

Rescue Puppy